Large or Small Paper Umbrellas for Every Occasion

cocktail umbrellas used as decorations and adornments for mixed drinks served with Mai Tai's and other cocktailsPaper parasols range in size from mini-parasols for mixed drink adornments to large paper umbrellas or medium sized rice paper parasols as a fashion accessory or a means of shading fair skin from sunlight to the large paper parasols used for weddings and special events.  Whatever the occasion, there is a parasol right for the occasion.

Wedding-Parasols gilded with delicate designs for the bride on her special dayUsed primarily as accessories or decorations, the delicately crafted umbrellas created from white paper or rice paper have found a place at most events.  Whether you are sitting at the bar enjoying a Mai Tai or awaiting the bride to make her entrance, you may well see one of the Asian parasols of any size or shape.

square paper parasol gives a variety of designs and colors to any eventDelicately crafted, these parasols made of rice paper can be painted in brilliant colors or gilded to add elegance to any wedding.  Surprisingly, the construction is more durable than one would guess from the delicate appearance. 

triangluar shaped paper umbrellas add an exotic and unusual touch to any occasionWhile we have seen a wide variety of painted umbrellas made from paper, it is worth noting that the shape of the parasol can be equally varied.  For example, some of these decorations are square while others are triangular.  The variety of colors, shapes and sizes make these special paper creations suitable for a myriad of uses.

Of particular note is that these umbrellas are relatively inexpensive, even for those that are larger and more ornately decorated.  The price range for all sizes is comfortable for most pocket books.  As such, these drink adornments or the larger wedding parasols are ideal as a means of adding a finishing touch to the overall decor.  When a filler is needed to complete the scene or when a splash of color is needed to brighten the event, there is no better way to accomplish the goal than with paper umbrellas that are affordable as well as beautiful.

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